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How to fetch data from SQL database table?
Lets say a have a database with a table in it how do I fetch data from that SQL database table?
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Who to get WordPress Website back with database?
I just launched my wordpress website. My developer has no connect with me right now and i need to get a backup of my server files with database as well. So c...
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Mail lists for sale
I have mail lists for sale for Germany, Benelux and The UK. The mail lists contain only companies, they were scraped from the Internet with our own custo...
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WordPress Backup Plugin
WordPress Backup Plugin - Websites affects any of time. Adding backup plugin to the website is like having recovery. It backups your exports files, databases...
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How to backup MYBB database?
Sorry for such a basic question but could you please explain how to properly create MYBB SQL database backup?
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How to Create Database Backup SQL Server?
Can anybody tell me how to create a database backup using PHPmyAdmin SQL? I have installed a forum software and I need to learn how to backup my database jus...
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PHPmyadmin create database and user
How to create database and user in phpmyadmin? P.S. I use XAMMP 1.8
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Import .sql file to database, large database
I use XAMPP 1.8 and phpmyadmin that comes with it, but I have a problem importing my database .sql file. It says max 2mb but my database is 2.6mb! How to inc...
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phpMyAdmin - How to import a database
Hi guys can you tell me how to import a new database into phpMyAdmin? I have downloaded a test database and I want to import that database to see how it works!
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PHPmyadmin - Create New Database
Hi I am trying to create a new database in PHPmyAdmin, but after spending a few hours I have decided to aks you for help. P.S. I am using localhost server, n...
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