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Adsense mobile ads?
I am running Adsense ads on the desktop version of my website but do I need to create separate ads for mobile version?
Search Engine Optimization

mobile and desktop rankings?
Why my web-site Google search results ranking is different on mobile phone than on PC computer?
Search Engine Optimization

Scalability in RWD
The dimensions in Responsive Web Design will fit any desktop, tablet or mobile device, Information is the same from one device to the next.
How to Create a Website

How to change your desktop background on Windows 7?
My laptop computer runs on Windows 7 operation system and I would like to change desktop background image or as many call it wallpaper how do I do it?
General Discussions

Website min-width and max-width?
I want to increase website font and for that I also need to increase [b]min-width[/b]. Currently is [b]1024x768[/b] which is recommended website resolution f...
How to Create a Website