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disable youtube ads?
Man I am getting sick and tired of that advertising showing on each video! Have to waits my time waiting for the ad to finish and let me watch the video. How...
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How to disable or turn-off youtube video ads?
I am sick and tired of YouTube ads is there a way to disable or turn them off? Maybe there is a setting for that in my YouTube I have no idea. I don't have A...
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HTML disable input, textarea, textbox & show text?
I am not sure which one I will use at the end input field, textarea, textbox or similar text fields but this is what I want to do I want to add html text fie...
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How can I disable Youtube video auto quality setting
I don't really know why YouTube added this auto video quality feature because it is just a pain in the ass it keeps changing all the time my internet connect...
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How to disable resizable property of TextArea?
How is it possible to disable resizable property of <TextArea></TextArea> without css?
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How to disable certain part of the PHP code
How is possible to disable a php code from being read without removing it from PHP file. I want to disable this one [b]{$error_message}[/b]
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HTML code disable
Could you help me please I want to disable a part of the HTML code I don't want to remove it just make it inactive.
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