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Which type of adwords ad is good for classified site
Hello Friends, We are planning for adwords for our classified site. Will you suggest which type of ad will be benefit for us Display ads or Text Ads and why?
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Display none links Google indexing SEO?
I have like 200 links on my page I would like to show like 50 hide the rest and place a show more button than when clicked will show the rest of the links! ...
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display none indexed by google?
Does Google index content that is hidden from users using CSS display:none; expression?
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How to Implement Rich Snippets so that it will display in search results.
I have heard that Rich Snippets can increase traffic how to implement it? Also will Google still use my website meta tag description?
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MyBB monetize Portal and ForumDisplay threadslist with Adsense ads plugin!
Hello ladies it's been a while since the last time I posted a tutorial on MYBB open source forum script/software. Now this time I will teach you how to add...
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SEO and CSS display:none; ?
I am working is CSS drop-down menu and I wanna use [b]display: none;[/b] but not sure if that will be viewed by Google as hidden content? I know [b]display:h...
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Does this variable work in forumdisplay_threadlist ?
Hello I want to know does this variable work in forumdisplay_threadlist ? [code]$post['postnum'][/code] :heart:
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How to display li horizontally?
Could you help me please, I have create a list [b]li[/b] but it shows vertically how to make it show horizontally?
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How To Display Avatars in Search(Posts)?
Hello, I followed marcus' tutorial found here: letsforumdotcom/Thread-Display-Avatars-in-Threadlist-Search-like-XenForo But that only adds Avatars to t...
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Display a message with PHP?
I know that to show a welcome message, show an error or alert popup JavaScript is needed but is possible to use PHP instead of JavaScript to show welcome mes...
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Display Avatars in Threadlist & Search like XenForo
What's up ladies how are you doing today? So, what are we going to talk about here, today I will show you how you can show author avatar next to the thread i...
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How to display thumbnail in Google search results (SERP) ?
I have been noticing that some sites in Google SERP (search engine results page) show a thumbnail, I have checked those sites and they are not social media s...
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