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Linkrot is also known as "Link broken/Link death". It means when linked pages are not exists/removed/not reorganized their corresponding links may led to "Er...
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How do I Resolve Code errors without any design change?
Hi dear HTML experts, I am facing lot of errors in my html website. I found the errors but when i try resolve errors my design alignment got changed. Ple...
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What do you need to do to find out if your website has errors?
Look at your web statistics reports to find out if any errors are showing. If you don't have these types of reports for your website, change hosting provider...
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Increase in not found errors webmaster tools account?
I received a message from Google in webmaster tools account it say: [quote]Increase in not found errors Google detected a significant increase in the num...
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"ww2" and "ww3" errors for website
what is "ww2.mydomain.com" and "ww3.mydomain.com" errors for website, and how it comes, please share some valuable information ?
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WC3 Validator errors SEO?
According to WC3 validator my web site has 20 to 30 errors does this bad for SEO?
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Grammar errors affect SEO?
Lets say I have a good content optimized and everything like keywords density, proximity and stuff all to make make it as SEO friendly as possible in other w...
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First page rankings W3C errors?
Do W3C THML erros matter when it comes to ranking on Google first page?
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Do web browsers auto fix W3c errors?
Guys a question people do know if web browsers like: [b]Firefox Internet Explorer IE Chrome[/b] automatically fix any HTML W3C errors in the source c...
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Not Followed errors webmaster tools?
I started to get lots of these [i]Not Followed 301 responds code[/i] errors in my Google webmaster tools account. What are they and how to fix them, also do ...
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Test and check my web page for errors?
Looks like to have even a remote chance ranking high on Google like on first page website errors is an important factor. How do check or test my website for ...
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Too many 404 errors hurt SEO?
After I deleted some posts my Google webmaster tools account shows a ton of not found 404 errors, I always mark then as fixed by the come back after a few da...
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