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Redirected to the Home Page
I want to know "Is it a good idea to redirect the user to home page if any of the internal page is not found?" I made this change with the help htaccess file...
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Increase in not found errors webmaster tools account?
I received a message from Google in webmaster tools account it say: [quote]Increase in not found errors Google detected a significant increase in the num...
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.htaccess 404 redirect
I am heaving trouble setting up .htaccess 404 redirect on my XAMPP server I use this code [code] # Redirect: ErrorDocument 404 /not-found.html [/code] ...
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Website Speed Test
Hi guys I've just found out that to increase page rank the website needs to load fast. I think my website loads fast but is there a way to know exactly websi...
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How to Redirect 404 Not Found Page Using .htaccess
Can you help me please. I have noticed on my Google webmaster tools that sometimes Google shows 404 Not Found but the URL is a bit odd. I know that is hurtin...
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