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How Corporate Branding Helps your Business
Increases aware about your product Creates brand recognition Familirizes consumers Creates brand loyalty
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rel="author" helps SEO?
Should I use rel="author" to improve my SEO? Actually does it even matter for Google whenever a site has it or not?
Search Engine Optimization

Ranking high on Bing and Yahoo helps Google SEO?
If my website ranks high on search engines like Bing and Yahoo will that help my Google SEO rankings?
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Bookmarking Sites helps to get good SERP?
I quite regularly use bookmarking sites for sharing my content and URLs, the only reason I am doing that because many say it help increasing SERPs, backlinks...
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Onlywire review
Have anybody used onlywire.com? Could you tell me if onlywire really helps increasing Google rating and helps to get more backlinks?
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