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Do nofollow backlinks important?
How Google treats nofollow backlinks? What if I get a link from high PR website and instead of dofollow it's nofollow what effect that will have on my rankin...
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popup window SEO?
Is it OK to have popup windows? Not to spam instead of opening a new browser window it popes-up. Does it make any difference?
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How to show a text instead of - in mybb ?
Hello when a forum has no thread/post in it, it shows this : - How can I change this character to my text for example : no post Best Regards
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Google Instant is unavailable?
I don't know what happened by Google Instant is not working instead I get a message on top of the screen saying [b]'Google Instant is unavailable'[/b] how to...
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Log in With Facebook Instead of Creating New Accounts Online
The majority or websites allow user instead or creating a new account signup with their Facebook account but this makes me wonder, I know that my personal da...
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