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How to set Oxwall Sign-in Page as Landing and keep home page URL!
Oxwall is a great open source social media network software but one of the biggest issues that I and many have is that it has this boring home page looks ter...
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How to keep Google.com as my homepage?
I live in Span and damn Google just keeps jumping to Google.es even though the browser home page is set to Google.com what how to fix it?
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Is it safe to keep my money in the bank or at home?
Keeping your savings or money in the bank is a bit risky as if something happens to the bank your savings will be lost so what do you think about keeping the...
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Meta tag keywords delete or keep it SEO?
Hello SEO experts, Google stopped using meta tag keywords but when checking some high rankings websites I have noticed they still have this tag in their sour...
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Should I keep Public DNS data or make it private SEO?
DNS data should it be kept private or public? What is better from SEO point of view?
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After I change domain name for how long should I keep 301 redirects?
I changed domain name and I redirected all my traffic from the old domain to this new one but should I keep 301 redirects forever or there is a limit or some...
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Tips to Keep in Mind before Hiring SEO Company
Hiring a SEO company is really a daunting task specially when whole market is full with SEO companies. Here are some tips to hire good SEO company. Do pro...
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How to keep div at the bottom or top of the page?
Visiting this website I have noticed a message at the bottom of the screen and the thing is it stays there even if I scroll the page up or down how can I mak...
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How to keep PageRank?
My website just can't keep its PR (PageRank). For very short time it starts ranking high on Google show on the first page but then looses PR and rankings? Wh...
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How can I keep my robots.txt file from visitors?
Hi, is there a way to keep my robots.txt file from being accessed by visitors? I don't want everybody to see my robots.txt file by simply visiting myurl.com/...
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