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Article Spinning Limit
How many times can a article be spun so that it does not get penalized by Google? What level of spinning (paragraph, sentence etc.) should be used to gene...
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What is the exact limit of meta description and title tags?
I'd like to learn that limitation of title amd description tags is important for website?how much important is on site in getting top research results?
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How to Limit 3 adsense ads per thread in MyBB forum
I have been trying to add Adsense ads to my mybb forum but not able to. I have inserted the adsense code in postbit and the ads are being displayed but the ...
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Is there a limit to how many 301 redirects can a web site have?
301 redirect is the one Google prefers but it doesn't say anything about how many a website have and if there is a limit to this? So what Google thinks about...
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What is concurrent connections limit?
My website started crashing and my hosting provider says it's due to max_connections error. But what in the world is this and how to increase it or get rid o...
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Facebook page?
How many Facebook pages can I have or create as a user with one account. What is the limit?
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how to limit this query code to a special forum
Hello I found this query code in a plugin : [code] SELECT t.tid, t.fid, t.subject, t.lastpost, t.lastposter, t.lastposteruid, f.name, u.use...
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CSS stylesheet maximum size?
I know there are some limitations imposed by search engines like maximum web page site that should not exceed 100kb but what about css stylesheet is it also ...
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Limit Number of Characters in Textarea or Text Field?
I have created a textarea or as many call it text field and I am kind of wondering how can I limit the number of characters user can input into that field I ...
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Youtube upload limits?
Could somebody shed some light on YouTube Upload Limits? I have just created a new Yutube channel and I would like to know about what type of video files, le...
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