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Black Lives Matter
Guys what do you think about this "Black Lives Matter" movement going on in US? For some reason black folks believe that white cops have some kind of vendett...
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Do nofollow backlinks matter in SEO?
What if I generate a ton of backlinks and instead of being dofollow they are nofollow ones will they still help SEO like increase rankings?
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Directory Submission Still Matters
I have some directory submission list with PR2+, Many webmaster says to avoid directory submission...What I do? Will I continue working on directories?
Search Engine Optimization

Does web-site age matter in Google SEO rankings?
Is it important for the website be some years old to have a chance of getting high PR and rankings or site age doesn't really an important factor?
Search Engine Optimization

Do keywords in the domain name still matter for SEO?
Not long ago I came across an old article explaining the importance of heaving keywords inside the domain name but I am not sure if that still matters? Does ...
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Online marketing forum members?
Does it matter how many members/users an internet marketing forum has? If a forum has many of them does it make it more helpful?
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Free money?
No matter where you land in the internet you see some sort of content relative to free money? It is really possible to get free money online or all this is j...
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rel="author" helps SEO?
Should I use rel="author" to improve my SEO? Actually does it even matter for Google whenever a site has it or not?
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Does web hosting matter in SEO?
Many seem to search for best web hosting in the internet but why is it cause it matters for SEO?
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Do impressions matter for Google?
For the last month impressions in webmaster tools account ad showing negative value so I am wondering are they really matter or I can relax and wait for them...
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Does username matter in social media marketing?
Let say I am involved in social media marketing and I have to sign up for many social sites does username matters or not?
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Shared Hosting vs Dedicated or VPS matters for SEO?
Does it really matter for SEO if my website is hosted on shared, dedicated or vps hosting?
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Direct traffic source matters for Google SEO?
My website gets a ton of direct traffic now as much as organic traffic but still a lot of so I am wondering if direct traffic is important for Google SEO?
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Do nofollow backlinks matter for SEO?
Many say only dofollow backlinks are important but then why so many get nofollow backlinks if they wouldn't matter in SEO? Anyways nofollow links important o...
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