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How to create website menu?
All websites have on top a menu that users use to access different parts of the site but how to create one?
How to Create a Website

need seo friendly on hover dropdown menu?
Where can I get my hands on a simple drop-down menu that shows on hover or mouse over that will be SEO OK? Most of them use display:non; property and I am no...
How to Create a Website

Drop-down menu SEO?
Does Google index links that are inside the drop-down menu?
Search Engine Optimization

Need simple CSS menu bar?
Can anybody help me to create a simply CSS menu bar I will use it to create buttons that will open or direct users to my other web pages?
How to Create a Website

How to create a drop down menu in CSS
Can you tell me please how to create CSS dropdown menu? Simple but fancy drop down menu!
How to Create a Website