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PHP welcome message?
How to create a welcome message with PHP that only shows one time?
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How to create php welcome message?
I don't want to use JavaScript neither jQuery to create a welcome message as most web-browser have JavaScript disabled and also it slows my website down incr...
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Anchor link on mouse-over or on hover show a message?
I would like to create an anchor link and then somehow add a text that will only show whenever someone mouseover or hover it with the mouse how to do it?
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PHP 301 redirect with message?
I know how to 301 redirect using .htaccess file but how can I do it with PHP and show a message after the user has been redirected or before I don't really c...
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Google Instant is unavailable?
I don't know what happened by Google Instant is not working instead I get a message on top of the screen saying [b]'Google Instant is unavailable'[/b] how to...
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Minimum characters Message and Title - MYBB
Hi guys after seeing so many people trying to implement a function in MYBB forum script that will block any post if the message or title doesn't meet the req...
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Display a message with PHP?
I know that to show a welcome message, show an error or alert popup JavaScript is needed but is possible to use PHP instead of JavaScript to show welcome mes...
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YouTube Cookies?
Every time I visit YouTube I get this message "Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies." but do I really...
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New Signature rules
Your new signature rules are way overkill and will do nothing to prevent "spam" on the forums. Way to push away users just because they cant come once a week...
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How to show JavaScript message box before leaving current page?
I have been noticing many websites have an alert message box that popups when you are trying to leave the current page, I know it is done with JavaScript but...
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Google cookie?
Hi could you explain why I see this message on Google.com and on pretty much all major websites "Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services,...
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MyBB - Best Plugins
MyBB is one of the best if not the best free forum software out there at the moment! The base MyBB installation provides you with many features to manage y...
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How To Do A JavaScript Pop-Up Welcome Message
Can you help me here? I want to show a message every time somebody visits my website! However I want this message to popup only on home page.
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What is discussion board discussion group, message board, online forum
A discussion board also known as discussion group, discussion forum, message board, and online forum is a general term for any online "bulletin board" where ...
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MyBB Board Messages Without Plugins - Guest Message - Conditional Message
MyBB is the best open source forum software however even the best forums can't have it all so here I will help you to create guest messages or welcome messag...
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