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Linkrot is also known as "Link broken/Link death". It means when linked pages are not exists/removed/not reorganized their corresponding links may led to "Er...
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How can I create a free website?
The website is a collection of web pages that used in anywhere for ex. business. So, for creating your website follow this steps: Business or Personal. Build...
How to Create a Website

what is the title and description character limit..?
Hello Everyone, Can anyone tell me what is the title and description character limit..?
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what is pogo sticking in seo
Hello Everyone, Can anyone tell me what is pogo-sticking in SEO?
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What are rich snippets in SEO?
[align=justify]Hello Everyone, Can anyone tell me What are rich snippets in SEO?[/align]
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What is AMP in SEO?
Can anyone tell me about AMP? How is it useful for my website in ranking?
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Which is best for your Website ranking on page SEO or of page SEO?
Here i wanna ask something for all guys please let me know in details which way is better for ranking your website instantly Which ways are On page SEO and O...
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Local Search Strategy Ranking Factors
Local SEO is an efficient way to market your Business Online. It helps businesses to raise publicity of their products and services online to the native loca...
Article Submission

What is AMP ?
Please describe this topic ? And what is the use of AMP ?
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Redirected to the Home Page
I want to know "Is it a good idea to redirect the user to home page if any of the internal page is not found?" I made this change with the help htaccess file...
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Have you tried Submission to hub pages?
Have you ever tried submission to Hub Pages? Every time I do it, they reject it as bad article, despite adding images in it. So, what are quality artic...
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1 Website for 2 Offices?
A friend of mine has two dental offices which are located in two separate cities in the same state in the United States only about 10 minutes apart from eac...
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Hi Guys, i need advise on online flight booking site, with 3500 pages type of pages cities :- default content countries:- default content airli...
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I can optimize your webpage to load faster (good for SEO)
Hello, I can help your website to load faster by optimizing images, minifying jacascripts and CSS, using CDN, caching content or advising better webhosting. ...
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Creating Subdomain OR Internal Pages
Our Web Development Company has recently launch it's branches in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore & Hyderabad. Our main office is located at Nagpur & it is having goo...
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pagespeed score?
What page-speed score is considered OK, Great and Bad and how important is to have fast loading page?
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Stop google crawling and indexing my private pages?
I am not sure how Google found them but it had indexed some of my private pages that are not included in my website sitemap. How to remove them from search r...
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Optimizing multiple pages of the same website for the same keywords
Can I optimize multiple pages of the same website for the same keywords? Will it affect my website ranking on search engine?
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Doorway pages black hat SEO?
What kind of pages are these in the black hat SEO referred as "Doorway pages"?
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Automatically generated keyword pages blackhat?
Can anybody tell me little bit about his black hat SEO technique called "Automatically generated keyword pages"
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How to merge pages on Facebook?
Can anybody step by step me on how to marge my 2 business pages on Facebook?
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No Index Low Value Pages
If you just have pages with links to allow search engines to follow them but not index them otherwise these will reduce the quality of your website. Use meta...
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Why my Website Pages Not Yet Indexed
Half of my product pages were indexed and half doesn't. I can't figure out the exact reason? Need some suggestions? Some of my un-indexed pages mobilevid...
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Does Google crawl pages generated with jQuery and AJAX?
These days pretty much every single social media site has this "SHOW MORE" "LOAD MORE" buttons that dynamically generate content using either AJAX or jQuery?...
Search Engine Optimization

Web pages with changing content SEO?
What Google thinks about websites that have their content changing I mean you get different one on each site load? Is it better for SEO to have a static or d...
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Changing the code and web site layout of my pages affects rankings and SEO?
Is it a bad idea to regularly change website layout and source code? What Google thinks about that will that have some negative SEO effects if so how to then...
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Meta Tags SEO?
Is it OK to use the same meta tags on all my web pages? I am referring to title and description tags?
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Facebook page?
How many Facebook pages can I have or create as a user with one account. What is the limit?
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single-page websites SEO?
Can the single-page websites get high rankings and PR? Or it requires a more complex one with lots of indexed pages?
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Should I use rel="nofollow" in sensitive pages?
Let say I have some pages I don't want Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engine to index neither follow, like let say, register or login pages will [b]rel=...
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