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Need JavaScript or jQuery notification bar to comply with EU cookie law?
How can I show a notification bar at the bottom or top of the screen similar to what Google has notifying users of my web-site about cookies and they will ha...
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How to install add jQuery link to add HTML page code?
I have code in my HTML page that wants to call a function from jQuery so I need to add a link to jQuery source in my header but I am not familiar with the li...
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Does Google crawl pages generated with jQuery and AJAX?
These days pretty much every single social media site has this "SHOW MORE" "LOAD MORE" buttons that dynamically generate content using either AJAX or jQuery?...
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got error while running query
Hello when I run this query to set a default avatar for my users : [code] UPDATE `mybb_users` SET `avatar` = 'images/avatars/invalid_url.gif' WHERE `avatar` ...
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non English website ranks for english search query?
Just doing my thing searching Google for some stuff I have stumbled upon many SERPs that are not even English sites however I have entered the English Keywor...
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how could I get the query code that I need in MyBB ?
Hello I want to know how can I get the query code that used in MyBB ? such as : [php] $query2 = $db->simple_select('posts', 'COUNT(pid) AS count2', 'da...
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how to limit this query code to a special forum
Hello I found this query code in a plugin : [code] SELECT t.tid, t.fid, t.subject, t.lastpost, t.lastposter, t.lastposteruid, f.name, u.use...
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How to check if my website is ranking in the search query?
Is there a way to find out if my website is showing in search results for a particular query? I mean I am not talking about first page I just wanna know if i...
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jQuery script conflicting?
How do I stop jQuery conflicting with my other JavaScript? I am using jQuery 1.8 and since I started using it some of my JavaScript stopped working! [php]...
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