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Any new recent Google updates?
Did Google recently updated any of its algorithms like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird or maybe they release new one? I checked the SEO news and don't find anyth...
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Showing recent posts on homepage will that cause a duplicate content issue?
Many websites show recent posts, articles on their home page but hold on isn't that duplicate content? Is it OK to do it and if so then what are the rules to...
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Bing Vs. Google?
Recently when browsing SEO forums I have seen many reputable people saying that they prefer Bing over Google. That was something I never heard before, becaus...
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Top Dating Site 'Plenty of Fish' Recent News!
Plenty Of Fish dating site is [b]#1[/b] ranking dating site in many countries including the USA, is one of the top ranked dating sites that allows members to...
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Carly Rae Jepsen defends Justin Bieber recent news
The 27-year-old pop star thinks her fellow Canadian singer - who she shares a manager, Scooter Braun, with - is becoming unfairly treated by the world media ...
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Justin Bieber Reveals ‘Crazy News’ In Shirtless Video recent news
In case you’re unaware, there’s now video on Instagram! Justin took advantage of the new feature and released a sexy new video, where he revealed big news! ...
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Paris Jackson hates Justin Bieber - Recent News
She reportedly got annoyed after some of Baby hitmaker's fans tweeted about cutting themselves to express their love for him and he kept quiet about it. [im...
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Justin Bieber recent news
Justin Bieber and Chris Brown Those concerned about Justin Bieber's many public missteps this year likely won't "heart" his latest Instagram photo — an imag...
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