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Black hat SEO 301 redirects?
This method of increasing Google rankings in among many black hat SEO techniques but I just don't understand how it works?
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Question Regarding 301 Redirects
I've read that allot of people use 301 redirects for passing link authority in SEO. My question is, do you only setup 301's on relevant domains? For example,...
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After I change domain name for how long should I keep 301 redirects?
I changed domain name and I redirected all my traffic from the old domain to this new one but should I keep 301 redirects forever or there is a limit or some...
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Is there a limit to how many 301 redirects can a web site have?
301 redirect is the one Google prefers but it doesn't say anything about how many a website have and if there is a limit to this? So what Google thinks about...
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Will Google Penalize my site for 301 redirects?
I am aware of the fact that 301 is the preferred redirect method by Google. If I heave too many of them could this trigger some algorithm that will penalize ...
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