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Get cheaper home insurance, break your financial durance
House Insurance, we are all reluctant to pay it, but we have to anyway. A house insurance is something that is very necessary to have, and is almost as impor...
Article Submission

Press Release Submission useful?
Some experts say Press Release Submission is a good link building technique but I have never done this before so I'm little confused to move ahead with Press...
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why use blog comment?
Blog Comment using to improve our site backilinks...
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VPS Hosting Required (cheap and reliable)
Can someone describe their VPS hosting signup methodology. I'm opposed to fully automating the process. I'm too the point, we want to take orders, but worry ...
How to Create a Website

Press release submission
What does press release distribution mean in SEO? How much it impact SEO of a site? :001_confused:
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What is the way for a cartoonist blogger to get published in a newspaper?
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Affordable SEO Services with Great Results - Quality Link Building - Low Price
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GroomHost.com VPS - 800 GB Premium BW |XEN Based | cPanel-LiteSpeed-Cloudlinux | (US)
GroomHost.com - Provides Perfect Money Hosting & Webmoney Shared, Reseller, VPS, Dedicated web hosting and SSL GroomHost Web Hosting – Providing you th...
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Hosting Promo: 35% Flat Discount With Linux Shared And Reseller Hosting - Prewebhost!
[b]PrewebHost is the fastest growing hosting organisation and currently dealing with thousands of satisfied clients. The company was founded in 2010, Since t...
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Please Help & Advice
I am a SEO expert. My site is xarelto-lawsuitattorney. On page and off page is done but rank not coming. Please advice whats the problem this site, and how t...
Website Review

How to make money from hacking websites?
I have a hacking website it's on "how to hack WiFi" this website is only foe educational purposed it teaches people how to hack their own wireless password s...
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Relevant domain name SEO?
Do you know if it still effective way to gain rankings heaving a relevant to mu website niche domain name? I mean a domain that contains keyword/s I am targe...
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windows 10 release date and price?
Does anybody know when the new windows 10 operation system is due to hit the market? Also how much will it cost and will it require some special hardware and...
General Discussions

Relevant or high PR (PageRank) backlinks which is better for SEO?
If I am prevented with a choice to get backlinks which one from SEO point of view has potential to increase web-site rankings and PR? Relevant to my niche...
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Press Releases and SEO?
Is Press Releases still an effective technique to improve SEO and increase rankings of the website?
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3D design in Dubai
There are several factors why you select or decline a particular web design company in Dubai Globe Extensive Web is just complete of organizations and indepe...
How to Create a Website

How to search Keywords ?
Hello I have two websites one is related to health and another is related to marketing. I want to search keywords for both websites. what is the keywo...
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SEO 2015?
Does anybody have some intel on the 2015 SEO related to rankings, PR and Google updates Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird or maybe they will release the new one?
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Google Penguin Penalties?
What type of websites get penalized by this new Google update release? What Penguin is hunting for?
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Google Panda 4.1 and Penguin 3.0 Algorithm Update Released Anyone Got Hit?
Hello webmasters just in case you missed it! 25th of September 2014 Google released or lets just say updated Panda Algorithm to version 4.1. This happened a ...
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press releases
hello can u provide free press release submission sites links
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High PR Press Release Websites List 2014
Found 260+ High PR websites list arranged with PageRank. Hope this sure boost your rankings. [b]Virus Total:[/b] https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/a4a7ebd...
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iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ released?
Yesterday watching news I saw them talking about new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ is hitting the market with 4.7-inch display, A8 processor and 8-megapixel camera...
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Any new Google updates?
Did Google recently released some new penguin hummingbird panda update? Or maybe there is some new one?
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is there any way to reload automatically ?
Hello I used this code to show my last forum's post : [code] <?php define("IN_MYBB", 1); require_once("./global.php"); // Change this if needed $tlimit...
How to Create a Website

Does Google have any idea of releasing PageRank-update?
My website PR is 0 for long time (1+ year). Anyone have the idea of when Google will release the PR-update? Did Matt Cutt & his team tweeted anything?
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Methods for link building?
Need some good, reliable and SEO friendly methods for generating dofollow and high PR backlinks?
Search Engine Optimization

link schemes?
Long time ago I was involved in link schemes should I worry now that Google had released Panda 4.0?
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301 redirect vs rel canonical SEO?
Out of these 2 which method is more SEO friendly and it's recommended by experts? I have changes the URL but the content is the same should I use 301 redirec...
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rel nofollow external?
What does rel="nofollow external" tag mean? I have seen it a few times and I am really conduced? What role does it play in SEO?
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