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Hi there
Hi Everyone this Willer Chrissy nice to meet you
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MYBB Advanced quick reply form mod plugin!
Guys here is a plugin for all of you interesting in adding text editor and smilies to MYBB quick reply form. [php] <?php // Disallow direct access to th...
How to Create a Website

Smilies In Quick Reply
Yes I know you can add them from the quick reply by clicking on preview post but is there a way to add a smilie box to the quick reply without having to do t...
How to Create a Website

MyBB Advanced Quick Reply Form - No Plugin Needed!
To be able to use plugins is the reason why many find MYBB such a great forum script. Plugins are great for doing small things but if you are looking to do ...
How to Create a Website

Website speed TEST
Don't reply to this thread because this thread is just Website speed test!
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