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Help Regarding Robots.txt
Hi guys User agent: * Disallow: www. abc .com/products/123 Is that a right method of disallowing a file. I am also familiar with User agent:* ...
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Do I need robots.txt even if I am not blocking any crawlers?
If I don't need to block any Google-bot, Bing-bot crawlers do I still need to create and have on my server robots.txt file?
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robots[.]txt is blocking all spiders
what does it meant? robots[.]txt is blocking all spiders how can i rectify this error
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How can I keep my robots.txt file from visitors?
Hi, is there a way to keep my robots.txt file from being accessed by visitors? I don't want everybody to see my robots.txt file by simply visiting myurl.com/...
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robots.txt - Blocked URLs
Hi I have added a few URLs to my robots.txt and when I check the status of my robots.txt in my webmasters account it shows [b]Blocked URLs 0[/b]. I am not s...
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