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Automatic server image optimization php?
I run a small forum that has a folder with user images used for avatars. Is there a some kind of script to optimize those images? I would like to create a ta...
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Reduce server response time?
I am working on my website performance optimization and when I use Google Insights I get a warning: [b]Reduce server response time[/b] Any idea how to red...
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Server error webmaster tools account?
Just noticed this error showing in my Google webmaster tools account what is it?
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How to transfer files from my computer to web server?
Hi, sorry I am but I have just started with all this webmaster stuff and I need to know if there is a way to transfer files from my PC to my hosting account ...
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How to backup server root directory?
I have my site hosting on shared hosting and finally I am able to create SQL database backup but I also need to learn how to create a backup of my entire web...
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How to Create Database Backup SQL Server?
Can anybody tell me how to create a database backup using PHPmyAdmin SQL? I have installed a forum software and I need to learn how to backup my database jus...
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Free India proxy servers
Guys I need to check my site rating in India and I need a few Indian proxy servers any suggestion?
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Google sitemap warning?
Guys I have a sitemap warning showing in my webmaster tools account it says 503 detected 04/10/2013. 503 error is a server error code so my website has nothi...
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FTP FileZilla security question?
Guys I have a question, how do I know that FTP filezilla is not sending my FTP server configuration (username and password) to the website or someone that de...
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Web server vs Application server?
What is the difference between application server and web server?
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How to install xampp server in windows 7
I am tired of testing my website on a free web server, I want to install Apache server and phpmyadmin on windows 7 so I can test my website on my computer. I...
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VPS vs Dedicated server, which is better?
I am just curious which web hosting is better for a very busy website VPS or Dedicated hosting?
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