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Two different sub-domains ranking for same keyword
Is it possible to rank two different subdomains with the same main domain for the same keyword?
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Creating Subdomain OR Internal Pages
Our Web Development Company has recently launch it's branches in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore & Hyderabad. Our main office is located at Nagpur & it is having goo...
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Do i also need to make my subdomains responsive?
Hello, i need some help Do i also need to make my subdomains responsive?
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Does creating location subdomain still works?
Hello, After all the algorithmn updates done by Google, does creating subdomains or each location still work? Thanks
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How to block all sub-domains?
I am able to access my web-site home page by typing any sub-domain but the thing is I don't use any this could result in a penalty from Google for duplicate ...
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How to create a sub-domain?
I am not sure how to create a subdomain cause I an afraid to mess my site up. So can someone please posts guideline on how to do it?
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What role subdomains play in the black hat SEO?
How are subdomains used in the black hat SEO? Are they used to increase rankings, traffic or what?
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What is the importance of subdomains
if i have both the website of the same name like mysite(dot)domain1(dot)com mysite(dot)domain2(dot)com will this effect SEO i mean to say i have...
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Should I use of subdomains or subdirectories?
Guys in SEO which is better subdomain or subdirectory? I would like to add a forum to my website but not sure which one should I use to maximize search engin...
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Are Subdomains Bad for SEO?
I have learned about his SEO trick and it's about setting using subdomains to rank high for a particular keyword? I mean lets just say I want to rank high fo...
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What is subdomain - How to create a subdomain
Hi can you please explain what is sub-domain and how to create a sub-domain? And one more thing are sub-domains bad for SEO? :001_confused:
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