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Know about API integration?
Can describe API integration with the sites like PayPal?
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What is SSL and how this is useful in SEO?
What is SSL and how this is useful in SEO.
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this website does not supply identity information
Can anybody explain what this warning message means. I am using Firefox 31.
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add a field to this contact form
Hello I used page manager and with these codes : [code] <?php global $headerinclude, $header, $theme, $footer, $templates, $lang; $lang->load('mem...
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how to limit this query code to a special forum
Hello I found this query code in a plugin : [code] SELECT t.tid, t.fid, t.subject, t.lastpost, t.lastposter, t.lastposteruid, f.name, u.use...
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Things don't add up with this website
Hi everyone, I have been asked to optimise a client's website (weiss-ukdotcom). It was launched on 21/03/14 under an existing domain used for their previo...
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Does this variable work in forumdisplay_threadlist ?
Hello I want to know does this variable work in forumdisplay_threadlist ? [code]$post['postnum'][/code] :heart:
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How to make the seem SEO like this blog.
Hello, Who can help me to analyse Blogs, I want know how to do good SEO? and How to make a high traffic. Thanks for your reply and support.
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Is this statement True or False in SEO?
[quote] The most powerful incoming link we can ever hope to achieve – the link that is going to have the most positive impact on our own search engine ran...
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Try this simple trick if you're having issues with Flash on Linux
Most of the time you will not run into issues when you're using Flash on Linux but depending on your hardware you may notice that it constantly or pretty con...
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How to delete the Account in this Forum ?
I can't able to find the option for closing my account in this forum. Everyday I am getting something frustrated with the replies (MY personal Opinion) ...
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