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Black hat SEO translate content from other language?
Does this black hat technique still work? I want to take content written in some other language translate with Google translate to English and then post it o...
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Translate website content to another language with "Google translate"?
How can I use "Google Translate" to translate the entire web-page content? I don't want to copy and past text!
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SEO and translated content?
If I take some content that is in English translate it to Spanish and then post it again will that be considered as duplicate in SEO?
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Google translate SEO?
Is it a good idea to use Google translate for the purposes of improving search engine optimization? Many websites have it so there must be the reason for that?
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Add google translate to website ?
I have just saw this Google translate bar on one of the site I visited, how do I add it to my site? :001_glare:
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Without a doubt in Spanish
How do translate without a doubt in Spanish? Could you give me an example?
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