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Change Youtube username?
How to change YouTube username without closing the account. I mean I want to keep my current account setting, videos only want to rename it change the URL?
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Does username matter in social media marketing?
Let say I am involved in social media marketing and I have to sign up for many social sites does username matters or not?
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Your Facebook Web Address, URL or Username
Even since Facebook allowed users to change default URL or Username for their own custom one users wanted to be able to change more than one and finally it h...
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For traffic purposes of your website. You all know some forums will not allow signature or links. The best way is to use your website name as your username.
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How to change your Facebook URL Username?
I have my Facebook account OK and just now I have created my Facebook fan page but I don't know how to change URL or Username I know there is a way but I can...
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FTP FileZilla security question?
Guys I have a question, how do I know that FTP filezilla is not sending my FTP server configuration (username and password) to the website or someone that de...
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Facebook and Twitter username length?
What is the maximum Facebook and Twitter username length?
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How to change Facebook username
How do I change the username for my Facebook Page?
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