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Image vs Text PPC ads?
If I would to advertise on Adwords which ad type should I use Image or Text one? Which offers better results yet have low CPC?
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How long would it take for black hat SEO to get my website on Google first page?
I know black hat SEO is awesome and works fast but how long would it take for a new website to get on the first page of Google? I am lunching new site and do...
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Free online advertising?
Is there a way to advertise online for free? My goal is to generate traffic with free ads but before spending money of paid PPC I would like to know is there...
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The language of Advertising?
What language is the bets for adverting? Let say I decide to advertise online and I would like to target Germany do I have to type my message in German or le...
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I just don't get all this seo, metatags, keyword stuff! Thought it would be easy to make a website and get traffic!
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What would the Internet look like without Google?
98% of Internet users use Google the only 2% still use Bing, Yahoo and other search engines! It makes me wonder lets just pretend for a minute that we don't ...
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Which is best HTML editor?
I am kind of just learning HTML and I have been using [b]notepad++[/b] to work with HTML code but I am not sure it's the best HTML editor I thing that if I w...
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How would you say 'to run out of' in spanish?
I am trying to say 'to run out of' in Spanish but just can figure out the proper way to say it.
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Adsense currency
I live in Europe and AdSense pays me in euros, but what will happen if I would to move to USA will I still earn in euros or now in dollars? :001_sad:
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Best cell phone
I would like to buy a mobile or cell phone but I am interesting in the best mobile phone money can buy
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Best Movies
What movies made the most money? I know some movies like Avatar made a lot of money but I would like to know highest grossing movies?
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Submit website to Yahoo
I have my website submitted to Google but I would like to submit it to all major search engines to get more backlinks. Does Yahoo has something like webmaste...
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Buy Sell Websites
Do you know a god Marketplace or Marketplaces for Buying and Selling Websites. I have a website that I want to sell, and I would like to buy a domain name, w...
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