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2 Most Powerful Ways To Get Traffic To My Website And Get On Google First Page.

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Hello, so let me quickly explain how you can use these 2 techniques to get on top search results (first page) and as a result of that the website will start getting huge amount of traffic. Traffic and rankings is not easy to get you need to work hard and even then there is no guaranty you will ever experience the filling of running a top ranking site.

Goggle these days is more than ever focuses on content quality and the prove of that all these new Panda Penguin and Hummingbird updates Google releasing like crazy Smile Google even stopped updating PR (PageRank) as it's no longer used in determining web-site rankings. So knowing that the answer to the question "How to get on Google first page" would be high quality content and unique content. Don't freak-out these tricks are not just some another article saying that you need to write content to increase rankings Smile

So how do you gonna get your hands on such content?

#1 YouTube video transcript.
Most videos on YouTube have the audio converted into text version (transcript) so all you need is to find tutorials where person is explaining (speaking) videos related to your website niche or keywords you target copy the transcript edit it a little as it's gonna contain some grammar errors for sure and then publish it on your website! Use copyscape.com to make sure it wasn't already used by someone else.

#2 Google translate.
The another trick to generate original content is to translate some non English one into English language! Simply install Google Chrome web browser and then add an add-on called "Google Translate - Chrome Web Store". Now find some preferably German or Spanish content relevant to to your website and translate it to English use copyscape.com to check if it wasn't already published by some other webmaster.

This is black hat seo tricks so I suggest you to crate a blog and post that content there once it starts generating traffic and get high rankings you can use it to generate links to your main site which will give a boost to its PR and rankings too.
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Translating content to English sounds interesting but I rather prefer using YouTube video transcript as there is very little chance of someone publishing after me!

Black Hat SEO rocks!
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Sounds pretty good! +1 for sure Smile Tricky things may useful to someone!

(10-01-2014 10:36 PM)SureNot Wrote:  #1 YouTube video transcript.
Most videos on YouTube have the audio converted into text version (transcript) so all...

Have you hear about Content Ripper? It is a content generated tool which scrapes content from the YouTube. (The mechanism works as like you mentioned above).
Remember we don't get 100% human readable content neither may be a result of crappy content. Crappy content still works fine in Black Hat SEO.

Even blackhatters started using original content for their Tier 1 campaigns.

Google translation? I don't think it will work better!
For this we just take some articles from article directories, Spin it using TheBestSpinner, WordAi...etc would be a better idea!

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