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About Responsive Web Design

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Hello Friends... i want to know When talking about responsive web design, what are the differences between the Mobile First and the Desktop First approaches? Where does each excel and what are some of the issues it leads to?
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Google doesn't like when a website sends mobile users to some other URL like mobile.site(dot)com

So you have 2 versions of the site:

Desktop: site(dot)com and Mobile: mobile.site(dot)com

It should be only one with a responsive design.
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Responsive web design may be the practice of building a web site suitable to focus on every device and every screen size, irrespective of what size or small, mobile or desktop.
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Every new client now days wants that their website runs in all mobile devices, I pads, Tablets etc. So if a website is responsive their is no issue of screen resolution of a website.
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Responsive design is the adjustment of the website according to the device it is viewed on. Like for desktops,mobile,ipads and bigger screens all of them have different width and should adjust the screen design accordingly.
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Global styles, those not inside media queries, are focussed on making the site look good on small screens. Where as with the desktop-first approach, global styles are designed to make the site look good on larger desktop screens.

Media query styles are added to make the site look good on larger screens. Consequently, min-width is used over max-width in the media queries.
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Responsive Web outline makes your web page gander great around every one units (desktops, tablets, What's more phones).
Receptive Web plan is something like utilizing html Also CSS on resize, hide, shrink, enlarge, or move the content to make it gaze beneficial with respect to At whatever screen:.

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