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Adsense Asynchronous vs Synchronous - Which to Use?

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Guys what is the difference between AdSense asynchronous and AdSense synchronous JavaScript code? I am not sure which one to use? How about AdSense earnings will they get affected if I start using a different AdSense Ad code?
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Adsense synchronous JavaScript will prevent functions underneath it from loading until it's fully loaded, in other words code that is placed under the Adsense Ad will have to wait until Adsense ad shows, it slows you site and increases site load time which could have a negative impact on your SEO!

Adsense asynchronous JavaScript in the other hand is not preventing any parts of your site from being loaded it loads separately on the background which doesn't affect site load time too much!
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You should always use "asynchronous JavaScript" if you care about your site load time and you are working on SEO!
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Google these days cares big time about website performance and it plays an important role in SEO stuff like load time is the key to high rankings.

Synchronous ad will create a situation called "render blocking" which means that the rest of the code will have to wait until the ad loads up completely which will increase load time and presents a user with a broken looking site. Google hates that and it's really bad for SEO.

Asynchronous ad in the other hand works in the background which means it doesn't interact with website code at all it loads separately from the source code and doesn't increase load time since it doesn't block any part of the code from loading.

You should always use Asynchronous JavaScript

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