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Adsense Policy violations NEW

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When visiting my Adsense account I have just noticed a new tab has appeared "Policy violations"

And it says
Quote:Google monitors the sites that AdSense ads appear on to ensure they comply with our program policies. We have identified the following violations on your sites. Please note that this represents only the violations that we have currently identified. You are responsible for ensuring that your properties comply with our policies at all times. We suggest that you regularly review all your sites for compliance. For more information regarding our policy notifications, visit our Help Center.

What does this mean?
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This is now new it's been there since the beginning of AdSense! It means that AdSense is constantly checking for ad placement violations and if it finds that you show AdSense ads along prohibited or inappropriate content then you will either get a warning or get banned. Don't play with that it ain't worse it!
Find out more about AdSense prohibited content and sites here: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/1348688?hl=en
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It simply means that you need to be careful where you display Adsense! Make sure your site niche or subject is cool and won't make Google angry!
For more info on Prohibited content refer to the link below!
AdSense Help
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This simply means don't play with Google AdSense and follow their rules! Don't try cheating to increase your earnings!

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