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Adsense Search Box?

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I am thinking about trying Adsense search box but before I do it I need gather more information about this search box.

How to Customize search box?
How to add search box?

Now the most important question how exactly does Adsense search box work? What about CPC and CTR is there a difference between search box and Adsense image/text ads?
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By adding Adsense Search Box to your site your users will be able to use Google web search directly from your site and clicks on ads that are made through Search Box will generate earnings!
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Adsense Search Box has very low CPC and CTR so I don't recommend using it!
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Adsense Search Box is just so hard to hide everybody knows what it is and just ignore it, it doesn't increase earnings only increases your site load time
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Google has all these ad sizes because there are many types of web sites! If your site is a search engine or has some search properties then search box will perform well!
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Adsense Search Box has terrible CTR but surprisingly CPC (cost per click) is relatively high!

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