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Adsense Text vs Image Ads

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Hi I am trying to figure out how to make more money with AdSense, so I am trying different techniques to improve my AdSense CTR and CPC. The most obvious question that comes to my mind is which AdSense ads pay the most text ads or image ads?
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"Displaying both text and image ads increases the competition for ads to appear on your site, and may help you earn more" that's what Adsense says! However using text ads or image ads has to be considered depending on the your website. You have to test which Ad unit works better for your website, try to use text Ads for a few days then switch to image ads, after a few days compare both CTR! Adsense encourages publishers to add 3 Ad units per page, however I am making 4 times more money with only one Ad unit per page than I was making with 3 Ad units!
I recommend you to dedicate let say a weak to only Adsense testing, then make the conclusion from that test.
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Learn about the Dynamic abilities and use them to the fullest.

Though to honestly give you an answer for raising your CTR you need to share way more about your methods, traffic, advertising and quite a few other variables. While what Maria states is good general info, it will not apply uniformly for all.
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Me too Antony, I am having a hard time understand what is Adsense CTR, CPC and Page RPM?
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For instance I have another website where I use "Text & Image / rich media ads" it has slightly lover CTR but higher CPC, I don't mind to have low CTR as long as I get good CPC

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