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Adsense ads are showing but no impressions, clicks, earnings?

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zorro Offline referral

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I created a blogger blog linked Adsense and I see ads are showing but when I go to my Adsense account I see no impressions no clicks no earnings?

What is wrong?
micromaxsamsung7 Offline referral

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may you are not having traffic, to your website
surenot Offline referral

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If your blog is new I am sure it doesn't get any traffic and if so then how do you expect to make money with Adsense if your website doesn't get any traffic Smile

First increase traffic and then think about earnings Wink
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You may try to popularize your blog and let others visit your website and increase the traffic! Only when people interact with your website, you will be able to earn! Concentrate on creating visibility to your blog posts!
May be via social media or SEO.

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