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Adsense not showing up

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Could you help me please I have just added Adsense to my website and for some reason adsense not showing up. I am sure I have added the Adsense code correctly but still ads not showing.
Can anyone help?
victor Offline referral

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Hi Antony I am sorry to hear that AdSense not showing up on your website.
Sometimes it take about 48 hours for the ads to show!
Have you tried AdSense help: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/10036?hl=en
Check if your website has been blacklisted by AdSense here: http://ctrlq.org/sandbox
Eenter there your URL and if you don't see ads then your website has been blocked by AdSense for some kind of violation of AdSense policy. Most common AdSense violation is adding AdSense into a website that deals with illegal distribution of music, video, and movies!
Then to make sure that your website isn't blocked by Adsese from displaying ads do this: create a simple html page and add your AdSense code there call it test.html. Upload it to your main root directory so you can access it like so: "yourdomain.com/test.html". Now if you see ads appearing on that page you have not implemented you AdSense code correctly, but if you can't see any ads then for sure your website is blocked for some kind of violation!
Contact AdSense support!

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