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Affiliate Marketing

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Explain the use of affiliate marketing and process of it?
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The way "affiliate marketing" works is pretty simply.

Let say I have a product to sell and I don't have time to market it myself. So I offer people to get paid for every customer they bring that results in a sale.

So you bring me a customer that buys my eBook and then you get pays a commission from that sale. The more customers (traffic) you generate to my affiliate program the more money you earn.

You would need to have a website, blog or use social media pages to generate traffic as you will be given an affiliate link when clicked will tell me that the customer is coming from you.
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Affiliate Marketing basically works as being the bridge from one company to another. Let me paint you a picture of you as the affiliate marketer working for an online advertising company. All you have to do is to find advertisers who are looking for online advertising companies to launch their campaigns with. You then serve as the bridge or the third party to get that advertiser use the technology of the company and you get a commission for doing it
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Getting bunches of information form this post and know about different kind of things, thanks for shared.
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The best way to approach affiliate marketing is to promote products and services you personally use and that are relevant to your affiliate sites.

Chasing trends is a short-term play and you'll likely find that you lose interest in topics you don't care about before any money kicks in.
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Affiliate marketingAssociate promoting is a sort of execution based advertising in which a business rewards at least one subsidiaries for every guest or client brought by the affiliate's own particular showcasing endeavors.

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