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Affiliate program vs Adsense?

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Which is better in terms of earning affiliate program or Adsense?
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Interesting question. I believe PPC has more opportunities since if are using Adsense PPC network you will be able to make money on:


The disadvantage of an affiliate program is that in order to get paid there has to be a sale which is not that easy. Pay-Per-Click only requires a click to get paid.
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Affiliate marketing is not for beginners cause to make money this way you must have pretty good knowledge about how online/internet marketing works. Adsense is pretty straightforward. This method doesn't even require a website which is essential for an affiliate program.
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The affiliate links aren't going to screw up your SEO as long as you're adding value in some way. That's not easy if it’s something that a bunch of other people are selling, but it’s necessary...but frankly I don't really want to the affiliate links on my site for fear of disrupting my SEO results. So I go with a Adsence.
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I urge and advise you to sticky with affiliate marketing. Because your earnings are unlimited through affiliate program both on product sold and up sales, it will also help you build pasivise income, which can easily called recurring earnings for life. But adsense you will get tired and confused with Google terms and conditions especially if your sites don't have targeted visitors. You know that's difficult to guess about when it comes to visitors visiting your websites.

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