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Who knows of any cheap seo services that i can use to boost my Google ranking? please share your methods
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What you need? Cheap SEO Services? or SEO methods?

Cheap SEO services?
Expecting SEO/SEM/SMO/DMM/SMM Services with less affordable prices? Just try Googling with the same keyword... There are tons of companies offering SEO/SEM/SMO/DMM/SMM services, picking the right one is the toughest job & fulfilling the clients expectation within the set time is also the toughest job of any SEO expert nowadays.

SEO Methods?
1. Just have a study about Google 200 signals
2. optimize your website more user friendly
3. Focus on bringing visitors to your content (Content optimization is must)
4. Back-link building (just make your site brand - Do not target key-words/key-phrases as an anchors)
5. DO not push your site at anytime - Wait and work.
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If you are willing to spend money try seomoz don't know how much they charge thought. @KevinMax posted pretty good stuff.
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There are various search engine optimization services which are affordable such as SEM, SMM, and SMO.

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