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Alexa don't show for rank numbers for Usa!

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patrocle Offline referral

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I am curios why the alexa does not show theRank for Usa traffic ? for my site!
For global rank i have 350.000 , but for Usa nothing ...just a line...

Tha-nks for your input.
surenot Offline referral

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Please stop posting thanks as there is a reason we have a moderation system!

There reason is that Alexa rankings are based on traffic source, which means that you are getting traffic from multiple countries.

Alexa shows global and country based rankings.

Country based ranking means that the website gets most of the traffic from that country.
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@patrocle buddy, Alexa shows the rank when you have some visitors. Alexa takes some time to rank - Might be 2-3 months if your website is new. Gain some organic traffic in your local region (The U.S).

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