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Analytics traffic report real users vs bots?

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I am wondering if Google counts bots too when compiling traffic report or only real users?
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Great Question! Most of the time Google tries to deduct the bot & It will show the traffic report based upon the real visitors.

If you want to prove yourself: Just try

Just create a some blog in Blogger about - SEO foot prints: the post include all platforms footprints: drupal footprints, mybb, experssion engine, phpbb, pligg, digg, social engine, vbulletin platforms....etc

Leave it for some days - lot of bots scraped your sites - Add blogger HIT count addon- You can see HIT counts are increasing gradually in blogger stats 100-400 views/day- install Analytics on your Blogger - You can see only 1-2 visitors per day.(Google possibly identifying the bots and detects)

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