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Did you know?

Not long time ago anchor text was used by Google to associate (increase rankings and PR PageRank) the URL in the backlink with the anchor text but not any more! In fact these days this is considered as spam and the site seo will get penalized if caught doing that.

The best is to simply use the plain URL as text that is what Google wants these days!
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This is actually very beneficial for SEO as most of the URLs are nofollow ones and if you cover it with the text Google will ignore it. Now if your anchor link text is your domain name then it almost acts as a dofollow backlink baby Smile
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I agree with the statement @Maya,
Even I suggest the same to my buddies, but still we can able to rank quick and easily with the back-links anchor text.

Google doesn't hurt or kicked me so far, May be the reason of my quality backlinks? We can play a tricky game with the back-links anchor's nowadays. Up to me Google is not much smart enough to beat all the spammers.
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If your links appear natural to Google then you are on the safe side otherwise over use of optimized anchor text will get your website penalized through penguin update
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i don't know abt that u . add link in anchor it ill be considered a lot of importance by google and it ill top rated for that keyword for that site
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I think your are links appear natural to Google then you are on the safe side otherwise google penalized your site.

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