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Another Search Engine - Oh what are you saying?

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You would be thinking about ranking your website high but meanwhile there is another search engine for USA exploring web pages around USA and showing most prompt search results with great efficiency. In a press release a company has decided to sponsor this engine. I like to share this because this may be the new traffic source for you guys.
search engine optimization may have to face some more difficulties in ranking their website on this database.
How about this new engine.
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Buddy Google has total monopoly over the internet web search its a top ranking search engine and no one can come even lose to it not even Yahoo and Bing!

Now the internet is loaded with some other old and new search engines that are juts fighting losing batter!

Now SEO is all about Google rankings who cares about some unknown engine most internet marketers don't even care about Bing and Yahoo that are the second and third most used sites!

98% of users use Google!!!
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Many are tried and failed to beat the Google... Still tons of experts trying to break the Google....They are building something called Internet Killer?

What is Internet? Ask the experts/person who is walking in the street... The definition may be vary!
I will give you one!

No one here in the world disagree the statement 100%. Do you @ kapoor297?

Recently I heard that many of the users has moved from Google to Yahoo & The Firefox has made its default engine as Yahoo. Remember Google is the biggest investor of Firefox then how come they changed their default engine to YAHOO?
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I mean lot of USA users are moved from Google to Yahoo....
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I only use Google as that's where all the action happens who wants to spend time and effort of some unknown search engine! I don't even use Bing neither Yahoo as not too many users use them!
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Search engine means google, google means search engine. Its very difficult for a new player to beat google.

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