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I am starting to run out of the ideas for new content and for that reason I have decided to use Article Rewriter to just rewrite already published articles however I am wondering if Google can somehow detect that the article has been rewritten?
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Yes its easy to spot an article that has been written with a content spinner. You would be better off getting guest bloggers or ghost writers. If you can validate they are actually writing solid original articles.

Google can detect these types of things to a degree, but your end users can detect them better.

I would avoid all the rewriting spinning types tools out there. Original Content is King!

Here are some videos

Since I cant post two videos in a single reply

Man this is a pain there are more videos but posting is a pain.


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Yeah if you really like to rewrite some articles at least don't use article rewriting or article spinning software do it yourself it will look more natural than being rewritten with some kind of software
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You are right dude most of the time article spinning software that I use creates a mess I mean content makes no sense at all and you don't have to be some kind of special SEO expert so see that the article has been rewritten.
I will have to do it the hard way takes longer but hey I am not in the hurry!

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