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Average Time on Site

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Average time is important for gauging what content is relevant and would drive results from site visitors, gaining their valuable trust so they eventually convert.
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Time spend on site is directly proportional or linked to bounce rate Smile What you have to work on is to find ways to reduce the bounce rate and this will make everyone happy from the webmaster to the user to Google. Bounce rate is important to search engine as it shows if the web-page or a site is boring or interesting.
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Bounce rate and time spend on the web-site depends on the type of site in question. Sites like forums and any article related ones have high bounce rate Google knows it Smile
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Average time on site is a type of visitor report that provides data on the amount of time (in minutes or seconds) visitors have spent on your website.
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Average time on website directly proportional to bounce rate. It user user open your website and at that moment close it, than bounce rate increase. In this case your website performance decrease. Average time on website (Bounce rate) major factor for both organic as well as paid advertiser. If you do online promotion for your website first improve website performance than do online advertising.
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As long as you have the right campaign and honoring search engine rules then time is not your enemy.

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