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Backlink domain URL which one is better for SEO with http and www or without?

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I need to know if Google will count my domain name in the text as backlink to my website or not? Let say website doesn't allow clickable links which means the link will be shown as pain text but how Google will interpret it!


Will these links in the ayes of Google look like backlinks and used in PR and rankings?
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What you need is an anchor link in other words a link that when clicked will open your website URL. The link has to be dofollow so that Google can follow it and use it to increase PR and rankings.
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Plain texts link not considered as backlinks, but they will give you some decent traffic.
I don't think Google bots have time to act differently on plain text URL's. It just reads and skips.

Still many has the debate for the topic "Does Google reads everything?".
My answer is obviously "NO".
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Texts aren't consider as back links. A Link that gets more visits only make back links only if it as "dofollow"

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