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Backlinks PR?

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badboy Offline referral

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If a site linking to mine gets caught selling links will that somehow affect my website's seo like rankings and PR?
seo123 Offline referral

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Nope the domain will get penalized and links from it will loose weight rendering them worthless.
KevinMax Offline referral

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@SEO123 is absolutely right! It will be little trouble if more penalized websites pointing you. For Example, You may get a negative impact! If I am linking your website to my 100 Google penalized websites. What if other search engines treat about your website? Sure this may cause your rankings!

Penalized domains are so cheaper - If someone linked your websites to 1000's of Google penalized websites, what will happen? Anybody knows?
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It will depend on the amount of backlinks you get from that site. If you have lots of them it could be bad for SEO it could be interpreted as unnatural or spam links.

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