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Backlinks from website and forum profiles SEO?

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Do backlinks from website and forum profile have any seo juice in them or they pretty much worthless for increasing PR and rankings?
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They are helpful but use them as a funnel. Create links for Tier 1 or Tier2 sites then you know what to do rest.
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Support Team
What Google wants is to find the link in the page or inside the content relevant to the link itself the otherwise it's juts another spam. Most profile pages are not really containing any content if you can add some to add some weigh to those backlinks.
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I agree with the Forum Staff. Google check the writing content and their quality where we put the back link. So always take in mind to use informative content with any link. This provide much benefit to the website.
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Backlinks can be very helpful, you just have to make sure they are valid and quality links.

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