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Backlinks vs. Relevant backlinks ?

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What is the difference between Backlinks and Relevant backlinks ?
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Both backlinks are good as long as they dofollow, However relevant backlinks are better but it's not easy to get them
chod Offline referral

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relevant means just that. The link is coming from a relevant site and or topic. For example if you have a blog post about homemade dog biscuits and you get a link from a top dog food manufacturing website. That is a highly relevant backlink. If it comes from a relevant site AND topic that is even better.
destroyer Offline referral

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Thanks Chod this is a new thing I have just learned
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Backlinks and Niche Backlinks are considered by Google for ranking the website however niche backlinks give you better results.
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relevant backlink means that your link comes from same topic website as yours, e.g if you have seo related website it is recommended to get links from same seo related sites.
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In search engine optimization (SEO) terminology a backlink is a hyperlink that links from a Web page, back to your own Web page or Web site. Also called an Inbound Link (IBL) these links are important in determining the popularity (or importance) of your Web site.
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Back links are used for linking your website via specific use of the links on certain words, this method is used when we want to allow people to visit our website while going through any other website. Relevant back links as far as i know are a little harder to get.

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