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Benefits of Responsive Web Design

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Responsive Web Design gives consistent and optimized customer experience across all touch points. Creates single code base and one website for all on-line customers from different devices. It offers better marketing visibility to a device agnostic URL structure. Reduces the need for internal development and maintenance risks.
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Lets take a look at Google pages. They are very simple and yet have great design. Simply have white background and content without any fancy fonts and extras.

All website have to be design this way, to be light, simple and easy to use. Some web-sites are just too crowded loaded with functions that you don't really need to have in one page.

I realize that the more stuff you show to the user the more likely user will continue checking the site reducing the bounce rate but it's not always the truth. Just present users with what they expect to see and they will decide whether they want to check the rest of your site.

I many cases our mind expects to see things and if the opposite happens this will create negative mind state resulting in bad impression which is terrible for marketing.
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You can have the best content in the world but if you have crappy design then users will not use it only Google Smile The website has to be balanced between design and content.

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