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Best Adsense Ad Placement Position Increase CTR?

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This is a very important for me and I guess for many Adsense publishers as well. What are the bets Adsense Ad positioning or placement tricks to Increase AdSense earnings? Many say it's best to show an ad before content, others say after content, yet others say inside the content produces best results so where to paste the AdSense ad code?
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The ad unit has to be placed before content preferably inside the content but on the top left side because we start reading from the top and from left to right!
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Here is an Adsense trick to increase CTR, create a text ad unit and place it under links, buttons or similar clickable functions people will naturally click on it thus increasing your Adsense CTR Smile
Also it's a good thing to show Adsense under H1 or H2 fonts!
Lastly add Adsense to your header!
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Many Adsense experts say the best Adsense placement is on top of the page or just above the post or content on the left side! Show Adsense inside the content or text is also a good idea but you have to wrap text around Adsense ad to make appear more part of the content!

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