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Best Facebook Method For Traffic

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Willing to buy a product

Just want to find what are the best methods for reaching facebook users that you have come across

It may have been taught in a product you bought or you learned it through trial and error.

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How about Facebook ads Smile
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If you are willing to send money then as mentioned above Facebook Advertising is what you need.
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Here is a pretty good post on Facebook traffic.
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Sharing your Facebook page to your twitter account is one way to get your page more likes. Or through other social medias you have. Also join some facebook groups and be friendly to the members and encourage them to share your page.
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Facebook Paid adwords are the best way to get traffic these days. Or else share your products in various related group.
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Creating fan pages communities with interesting content and making an investment in building a niche following is the best way to do it. You can immediate this following to a blog and enhance your provides through advertorials there.

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